New 1/35 German WWII trailer by Leadwarrior - Sd.Ah.25 mit Feldfernkabel und Verlegewagen - German WWII telephone cable laying trailer with laying cart and cable drums. Resin and photoetch kit.

The Sd.Ah.25 ( Anhänger für Feldfernkabel - one axled trailer for long distance field cable), was designed for transportation of four signal cable drums and a "Verlegewagen" (Laying Cart), and comprised an a closed box-like superstructure with folding top, mounted on the Anhängerfahrgestell A 1 - the standard single-axle trailer chassis produced for Luftwaffe before the war. 

It was possible to lay cable directly from the towed trailer with a top speed of 10 km/h. The cable drum had to be mounted inside the trailer on special supports, and an operator could sit on the unfolded bench beside to operate the crank. A Kfz.15 used to be used as a towing vehicle. 

Closed superstructure.



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