New 1/35 German WWII trailer by Leadwarrior - CO2-Loschkarren (CO2 fire extinguisher on trailer chassis A1).
Resin and Photoetch kits # LW35218 & LW35219.

The CO2 Löschgerät auf Anhängerfahrgestell A1 - CO2 fire extinguisher on trailer chassis A1 - was used by the Luftwaffe units to fight fires of the aircrafts, electrical installations, and other devices, were water or foam was not an option.  

The extinguisher comprised five CO2 bottles installed in the superstructure, and connected by the common collector. The two branchpipes were located in special mountings on the roof of the superstructure. 

The LW35218 is a CO2-Loschkarren with conventional wheels:

The LW35219 kit presents the variant of the trailer with the Eisenrad (700mm. Steel Wheels) and the Schneekufen (Snow Skids): 



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