Last chance to get involved in a crowd funding event for the production of a comprehensive series of modeling tutorials.


About three weeks ago, a unique comprehensive series of modeling tutorials appeared. On Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform where you can help bring creative projects to life, creators can share their projects with the world. When you back up such a project, you're essentially pre-ordering cool creative items that just need a little bump to the finish line.

The Plastic Invasion campaign includes airplanes, tanks, and of course, figure painting. In addition to the video tutorials, there is a book called Scale Modeling WW2, which is a combination of scale modeling, military history, and professional re-enactment photography. In six chapters, it covers the most common camouflage uniforms of the German army in WW2. Each of these chapters is represented by one reenactor character with a fictional name photographed at a real location, carefully chosen to match the original deployment setting. The shoot continued in a studio setting, focusing on the details of the soldiers' equipment and weapons. Finally, the reenactor posed in a position of a 1/35 scale figure, which Plastic Invasion used for detailed step-by-step instructions created by leading figure painters such as Jaume Ortiz Forns, Branislav Lukačovič, and others.

Overall, the campaign works with the German WW2 theme, which is very attractive to modelers in terms of camouflage. It can be a useful source of inspiration and improvement for the experienced and a must for the newbies. Modelers can also look forward to many never-before-seen rewards, including a limited edition of the book or "campaign-only" war artefact's.

The campaign has been a success and has already been funded, reaching over 135% of the required target. Thanks to the success, a stretch goal has been added just a few days ago. If the campaign reaches 25.000$, everybody who supported the campaign will get a free digital walkaround of DKW NZ 350-1 motorcycle, that actually lived through World War II, rode in Normandy during World War II, and also stars in the Normandy chapter in the book. There are only a few last days left in the campaign, so if you're interested in this campaign, don't hesitate too much.



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