BRAVO*6 released more weapon sets used by Australian and New Zealand soldiers during Vietnam War.

Introduction :

L1A1, commonly known as SLR-Self Loading Rifle  is the British version of the Belgian FN FAL. L1A1 is referred as an inch pattern rifle as FAL is considered a metric pattern.Besides small differences in measurements, this change in pattern make inch and metric parts especially magazines non interchangeable between two rifles. L1A1 has a larger magazine release, a different selector switch, relocated take-down lever, a folding charging handle and a larger flash hider, along with different furniture depending on the time period and country.

L1A1 is manufactured in United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and India. Australian Small arms factory Lithgow produced more than 200,000 rifles between 1959 and 1986.

Both Lithgow L1A1 and L1A1 SLR rifles were used by Australian troops during Vietnam War. 

British version has 2 oblong vent holes on the sides, Lithgow has 3 small round vent holes on sides and 3 more underside of the forearm.  

Review :

Both kits 35327 and 35328 include 4 rifles served as seperate sprues. Rifles are marked as 

A-with magazine,

B-without magazine  

C- field dressing taped on stock. 

Each rifle has a folding carrying handle and B has magazine under the forearm.

A photo-etched fret including gun slings, bayonet and bayonet handles, sling swivels and buckles comes inside the box and back side of the box shows how to assembly PE parts.

Conclusion :

Another useful addition to be used in Vietnam scenes with Royal Australian Regiment soldiers. 

Nice sculpt and nice cast.

Thanks to Vladimir Demchenko for review samples.

For more info and photos of the company ; please visit BRAVO*6 .



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