KV Publishing is soon to release the next volume of its Ostfront Panzer series.

Ostfront Panzers 2  Belorussia 1943 - 44 by Victor Ukhov,  Alexander Tomzov, Alexey Nechaev, and Sergey Malina

From the publisher:  "The continuation of 'Ostfront Panzers' series is devoted to AFVs from the Wehrmacht troops on the territory of Belorussia. From swift and brutal battles in the fall and winter of 1943 to a large-scale offensive operation 'Bagration' undertaken by Soviet troops in the summer of 1944. We tried to find as much information as possible about the combat vehicles surveyed so that the album was interesting both from a historical point of view and engineering. Here you will find more than 100 photos describing the design of vehicles and information about their belonging to German units. A useful addition are the color images of combat vehicles and their tactical symbols and layouts of vehicles in some locations."


  • Dimensions:  29.7 x 21 cm
  • Number of Photos: 124
  • Number of Pages: 96



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