A new 3D printed model of the KrAZ-257K1 and KS-4561A crane available

Four Star Miniatures have issued a new full model of the  KrAZ-257K1 and KS-4561A crane in 1/35.

Their announcement:

After many hours, our latest model is ready. The kit includes 3D printed and resin parts.

There are a total of 5 sheets of photo etching in the box.

A monumental and unique model. Some information about the vehicle:

 Development: KrAZ-255 is a heavy Soviet truck with all-wheel drive, which was produced in series since 1967. The truck has been exploited in many countries of the former Warsaw Pact area and the current CIS states, militarily and in the civilian domain. It was developed by Kremenchug automobile plant in the 1960's and replaced the earlier KrAZ-214 on the production line. The key improvements of the KrAZ-255 over its predecessor are its more capable YaMZ-238 engine and the notably large tires. With its 7.5 t load capacity the KrAZ-255 chassis proved suitable for various specialist engineer variants.

Crane KS-4561A - a domestic truck crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 16 tons. The base chassis of the car KrAZ-257K1 or KrAZ-250.
The crane drive is electric from its own installation or from an external network. The drive of mechanisms is individual from the electric motor.
The control system of working movements is controller-based and allows you to combine the lifting (lowering) of the hook or boom with the rotation of the turntable.

Boom length                                                     10 m (14m, 18m, 22m)
Lifting capacity at minimum reach                           16000 kg
Lifting capacity at maximum reach                          2100 kg
Lifting height                                                    10 m (base boom lenght)
Travel speed                                                     50 km/h
Chassis                                                                KrAZ3257K
Power                                                                 177 kW
Length                                                                 14020 mm
Width                                                                  2500 mm
Height                                                                 3800 mm
Operating weight                                            22700 kg

The model is available on their webpage for ordering.




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