New Marder III Ammo Bin for Tamiya Sdkfz139, 81 resin parts and 16 resin Shell End Plate

All Ammo Bin with Lid attached (MP40 not included)

View of the left-hand side Ammo Bin, the one at the hull side has the breathing tube and mount for MP40 magazine pouch. 

2 Shell End Plate is attached to the 5 tube Ammo Bin

View of the right-hand side Ammo Bin

A very close up view of the Ammo Bin at right hand side (inside hull), 

it could be built with Lid or without Lid exposing the highly detail Shell Storage Tube inside.

Shell End Plate is simply snap and click onto the storage tube.

Ammo Bin located inside the hull on the left-hand side. Again it could be built with or without Lid 

Left hull side Ammo Bin with MP40 magazine pouch attached, breathing tube is just below it

Clear view showing the MP40 magazine pouch hang onto the hook of its mount

This picture also showing the Lid could be added to individual Ammo Bin

and a total of 8 Lid is included

MP40 magazine pouch with the D-ring at back, cast in one piece

Close up of the Shell Storage Tube showing its intricate details

On the right are the Shell End Plate, 2 different type is included:

7.62cm Panzergranapatrone 40 & 7.62cm Granatpatrone 38



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