Takom "Blitz" kit of an Early/Late Jagdtiger Sd.Kfz. 186

A nice kit, without a multitude of hyper-fractionated parts, but that maintains a very good level of detail, more than enough for me, I don't forget that at least I do this to enjoy it, and to get something that is nice to see , not something that is frustrating due to its added difficulty, on the other hand nonsense, because not because of many little pieces, a kit is necessarily better.

I don't remember big problems with it, if anything the fit of the front, nothing that can't be fixed by an average modeller.

It includes a jig for assembling the tracks, but I haven't used it, the tracks are large and easy to manipulate, plus the sag is "one line", as it does not have central rollers, it is very easy to finish them.

Includes a small set of PEs, more than enough for me and copper wire for towing cables.

The decals are somewhat thick and tend to cause silvering, so you have to keep this in mind.

With a primary red primer, I dressed the beast, with sand, and modulating it, then, the typical weathering processes, with layers of acrylic, oils, and pigments.

I have added vegetation on the lower sides of the hull, on the tracks, although I don't know if it will be seen, and some fallen leaves at random points on the model.

Some helmets also on the spare tracks, from different sources, hence the somewhat different size and color, because my idea is that if all the soldiers are different, why not their helmet size and a different tone...? .

In the end, I have not added the skirts, because when I put them on, the silhouette of the model changes a lot, and I like it better without them, after all, with the Kingtiger Henschel (published) that I did some time before, the same thing happened to me, more pieces for the box of spare parts...lol.

Many thanks for watching and comments as always.




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