Hong Kong Creation Workshop released a set to upgrade Hobby Boss Jackal kit.

HKCW CK3557A - 'Jackal 1' Detail Set

HKCW CK3557A - 'Jackal 1' Detail Set

'Jackal 1' is in quotes because HobbyBoss foolishly named their kit incorrectly. It is, in fact, a Jackal 2, so we have to go with the flow to avoid even more confusion!

This simple set includes laser-cut baggage nets, real rubber mudguards and photo-etch seat belts and fittings for the nets.

Produced in total co-operation with Tetra. This set is much simpler than the alternative full set offered by Tetra themselves, without most of the etch that a lot of customers don’t like - or feel is unnecessary.

Please note: this set is not suitable for the HobbyBoss ‘Jackal 2’ (actually a Jackal 1) as the kit fittings are slightly different. A separate set will follow for this (CK3557B).

The set is available from Scorpion Miniature Models, the sole distributor of HKCW products.




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