Elefant Corporation has a number of different IDF license plate sets in their 1/35 scale catalogue. This review covers the third iteration of the subject IDF License Plates No3 – IDF Early Vehicles (35003).


The decal set is packed in a plastic bag safely secured using hard cardboard backing. The set contains 4small sheets of waterslide decals: 2 sheets with black license plate backgrounds and 2 sheets of stencil lettering (each including numbers from 0 to 9, and Hebrew letter tsade - צ). Printed in high-quality, the decals are clear and the lettering is perfectly legible.

There are enough decals to make 80 license plates, each decal on its own individual carrier film. The decals should be easy to work with using standard waterslide decal application techniques. I would suggest applying the black background decal first, fix it, and then carefully add the numbers and lettering, one at a time.

Altogether, this set delivers alot of options for making early IDF vehicle license plates.

Highly recommended.

Available from: https://www.elefantcorporation.com



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