It is a bit overdue, as the book appeared on the market in August, but we still wanted to give you a heads up to the latest title from Desert Eagle Publishing.

Desert Eagle Publishing is happy to announce the coming release of our No. 34 new book.

Due date is August 25th.


108 full color pages.


Articles and photo albums.

Article a- Mantak – The Merkava Program Directorate

Article b -The Merkava tank generations

Article C - End of multi tank model fleet

* Photo albums:

- Merkava Mk. 4M new photos.

- Namer family.

- Namer infantry and trophy

- Namer Combat Engineers Carpet

- Namer maintenance 9

- Namer Command

- Proving ground photos

- Eitan 8x8 newly rolled-out APC.

Michael Mass & Adam O'Brien

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