Elefant Corporation produces an extensive range of 1/35 scale decals. This review covers their IDF Jerry Can and Canister Markings (35010), a set designed for detailing Israeli Army fuel/water containers.


A robust liquid container made from pressed steel, the jerry can was designed in Germany in the 1930s for military use to hold 20 liters of fuel. Besides their original purpose as fuel containers, the cans were used for water as well. In order to prevent contamination of the can's contents by mixing different fuels or mixing fuel with water, a can's use is denoted by its coloring, affixed labels and, occasionally, imprinted labeling on the container itself. 


The decal set comes in a plastic bag additionally secured using hard cardboard backing. The set contains a 7,5 x 8,5 cm sheet of waterslide decals. Printed in high-quality, the registration is perfect and the colors look vivid and well saturated.

There are over 200 decals in the set, each on its own individual film. The set contains 5 groups of jerry can and canister markings: diesel, gasoline, oil, water and drinking water. Each group is printed in four different fonts, delivering both stencils and hand-written markings. Also, each group comes in three different colors (white, red, black), offering even more marking options. The decals should be easy to work with using standard waterslide decal application techniques.

Altogether, this set delivers a lot of different and colorful decals which should provide additional focal points to various IDF models. Highly recommended.

Available from: https://www.elefantcorporation.com/



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