New designs of wheels for WW2 German 3ton trucks, greasers , MG151 drilling flash suppressors and Kar98K mounts

As usual, these are designs to be purchased digitally and printed by yourself.

Available at HomeBrewParts

Wheels for ww2 German 3ton trucks. Same size wheels and rims were used on many German vehicles:
1.5 ton trailer (Sdah 56/57, 28/32cm Nebelwerfer and so on)
E3 3ton trailer,
3ton Opel Blitz, MB3000 and many others

Includes 5 tire patterns, 4 rim styles. Rims are separate from tires. Sagged and spare tire for all variations included.

Replacement greasers for WW2 German vehicles

1/35 scale track links for Sd.Kfz.7 series. Late (cast) variation.

Includes separate inner and outer track pins.

1/35 scale 2cm and 15mm MG151 drilling flash suppressors. Created using measurements of actual flash suppressors.

Includes files with different wall thicknesses

1/35 scale Kar98K mounts for use in various ww2 German vehicles.

2 style upper and 2 style lower parts included.



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