It's the scale pumpkin, quarterscalers! Juweela planted a patch of pumpkins and here is the crop for 1/45-1/50, carved up and ready to frighten.

Juweela Jack-o'-lanterns, 1/45-1/50

This review looks at Juweela item 24213, "Halloween Pumpkins."  Seven come in the box  The packaging is a plastic tray that holds a baggie of these pumpkins.   To show of the product the top tab-opening box has a 2-sided clear viewing window.  These are standardized packages that identify the product with specific labels for a given content.

Juweela cast these Jacks in a ceramic material.  (Plaster of Paris, Hydrocal?)  Seven come in the package.  Each is a little different in size, shape, stem stub, or carving.

Whether the material is dyed or not, these pumpkins are a faint pinkish-orange.   Fortunately, they take paint readily.


I posed these with a 1/43 figure before I painted the pumpkins.



Pumpkins definitely set the season for a diorama.   Jack-o'-lanterns define a period of that season.

Juweela's  Jack-o'-lanterns are a great addition to quarter-scale modeling scenery.   I like this set and recommend them.

Thanks to Juweela for sending this item for review.  Please remember to mention that you saw this product here - on Armorama.



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