Darren Baker takes a look at a new figure set from MiniArt titled German Tankers Refuelling


When it comes to MiniArt, I still consider figures to be their bread and butter. One of the latest figure sets from them features two German tankers engaged in the act of refuelling, either a vehicle or filling Jerry cans for ease of transportation. So let’s take a look at what is provided in this release.


This offering from MiniArt, arrives in the standard end opening card carton, with an artwork on the front, and assembly and painting instructions on the rear. This type of end opening carton, is one of the few things that I do not like about MiniArt figures, as they are not very robust. Inside is a single plastic bag, that contains all of the sprues, and a card envelope with the photo etch in it, in addition to this there is an extra sheet of paper, covering assembly of some of the proved elements. 

Oil Drums

You are provided with two oil drums, which are provided in two halves with separate end caps, and ribbed detail. A nice touch, is that the side sealing cap, is provided as a separate part and so no work is required on the part of the modeller to display as intended. Along with the oil drums, you are provided with a manual pump, and the nozzle, the modeller will need to provide tubing between these two elements. The end caps of the oil drums have very nicely done raised lettering detail, in four different styles.

Fuel Containers

In this release MiniArt has provided, three Jerry cans that are in two halves and have photoetch welding seams that fit between the two halves, separate handles and openings that can be shown open or closed as both options are provided. Lastly, one of the triangular fuel cans is provided, and the only gripe that I really have is that no decals have been provided.

The Figures

The release from MiniArt provides two figures, one operating a hand pump the other in the act of filling the item of choice. The figure in the act of filling containers, is wearing a non-descript military jacket, with waist pockets only, and anon-descript military trouser tucked into a mid-calf length boot (the clothing is most likely a working outfit). The figure is wearing a forage cap, with Wehrmacht insignia on the front; the clothing has good crease and seam detail, and so should look good once painted. The face detail is of a very good standard, with the only possible complaint, being that the ears will require some attention. To help the modeller, MiniArt has provided this figures hands holding there fuelling pipe, and so taking away the issues of something looking like it is not holding something. Hand and finger detail, is especially good, when you consider both are grasping hands.


The figure operating the hand pump, is wearing baggy coveralls, and what I believe are mid-calf boots, but the detail is hidden inside the coveralls. Crease and seam details are again very good, and so again should look good once painted. This figure is also wearing a forage cap with Wehrmacht insignia. The hands of this figure are moulded as part of the arms, with one hand holding the operating lever, and the other the start of the pipe, and so should look natural once positioned. I am very pleased with the face and hand detail of this figure, and I have no concerns whatsoever. 


This offering from MiniArt, has been well considered in my opinion, as these could be a centrepiece to a diorama story, or purely a feature of one. The stances are natural, and due to the actions they are shown carrying out will look in place, regardless of the vehicle utilised or indeed just filling fuel containers.



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