Here we get a look at the 1st set of German Tank Riders Set 1 from MiniArt in 1/35th scale.


When it comes to figure sets in 1/35th scale tank riders have to rate as the Number 1 feature for the armour modeller. This release from MiniArt is provided in an end opening carton that does not provide the most secure packaging and which contains a single bag in the box. The artwork on the box is very nice representation of 3 youngsters with a slightly older soldier. The mouldings for the figures are relatively clean and have a very nice level of detail, while replicating the creases in the loose fitting uniform. 2 styles of uniform are replicated, with 2 in the drawstring loose fitting smocks, with the standard issue late war trousers - most commonly issued to SS units. The other 2 figures are wearing the standard button up jacket, with simple breast pockets and the same trousers as the other two.


Footwear is the low ankle boot, with 2 wearing putties and 2 having loose cuffs. One of the figures has separate sole detail provided, showing the metal studded sole that can be seen due to the stance that this figure is posed in. Hand detail of all of the figures is reasonably good, but some refinement will be needed in some places. Facial detail unfortunately does not replicate the young age of 3 of these offerings as indicated on the packaging, but detail is fair. The helmets provided with the figures are cloth covered options, with good interior detail, but the heads are shaped in order for them to fit. 

Three sprues are provided for the equipping your figures as you would like: 

5 entrenchment tools

5 gas masks containers

5 closed mess tin sets

5 water canteens

1 canteen with the top off as in use

5 bayonets in scabbards

5 bread bags

2 entrenchment tools out of their leather holders

mess tin opened up and slide moulded as would be seen in use

7 helmets are included on this sprues, with a air attempt at interior detail

An MG 42 with separate bi-pod open or closed, a separate breach cover, spare barrel, two-piece ammunition box, a belt of ammunition, a cylinder ammunition magazine, tool kit

2 KAR 98K Bolt Action Rifles

2 MP 40s with separate butts that can be assembled as desired

a suitable quantity of ammunition pouches for the weapons covered so far

a flare pistol

P38 semi-automatic

3 holsters for the weapons indicated, one being provided with the flap open

Bayonets have been included out of their sheaths and could be shown on the rifles

A set of binoculars

Ammunition box for the MG 42


All of the weapons as equipment aspects meet my expectations, the figures are of a reasonable quality and should not be too difficult to further refine. The modeller will need to find after market slings for this release or scratch build their own, and I would have liked to have seen some decals for the figures included in the release.



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