Here we take a look at a figure set from MiniArt titled 'German Repair Crew'.


This offering from MiniArt of a 1/35th scale German repair crew arrives in an end opening carton, this type of carton is not the best when it comes to storage as they are easily crushed and I would like to see a cardboard tray incorporated to improve protection. The contents are packed in a single plastic bag. A look at the mouldings reveals nothing to bad other than some flash creeping in. But I believe this is at least the third time these have been released not as this offering though.

The figures are military craftsmen performing tasks one of which is blacksmithing and the other three mechanical tasks. The work wear looks good and the crease detail meets with my expectations, but due to its nature there is not much that can be said about it. The hands and facial detail are very pleasing in my opinion other than flash on seams around the head which will require careful clean up. But the detail especially where fingers are concerned on some is first rate.

Included with this set is a nice mix of tools and maintenance equipment and it is these parts with the figures that will make the set so valuable to modellers. The step ladder, tool roll, tool box and log with anvil will add context to a scene the modeller creates and the tools create purpose. I would like to see MiniArt release a forge so that the blacksmith has greater support in a setting. So add a tank or a horse and you are all set.


This is a pleasing offering from MiniArt as a standalone offering as it is another of those products that can be used to create a story or just add life to a setting. The moulding quality is good despite some flash in this example as the detail is very good. The result of all this is a product that every modeller who likes to create an atmosphere with the models should have available to them.



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