Modeling a MAN family of high-mobility off-road trucks in 1/35 scale? Not satisfied with vinyl tires supplied with Revell or Hobby Boss kits? Look no further, DEF Model has a perfect solution for you in the resin form: German MAN 5t. Mil gl Truck Sagged Wheel Set (2) (DW35126).


After producing resin replacement wheels for MAN trucks depicting the old pattern Continental tire, DEF Model recently released another resin wheel set for MAN trucks featuring the newer Continental HCS tire, aimed at upgrading Revell and Hobby Boss 1/35 scale plastic offerings.

As the title states, German MAN 5t. Mil gl Truck Sagged Wheel Set (2) (DW35126) is a replacement for MAN 5t (4x4) trucks, however with the German MAN Mil gl Truck Extra Sagged Wheel Set (2) (DW35127), DEF Model offers 2 additional resin wheels for MAN 7t (6x6) trucks (review link).


The set is packed in a hard cardboard box. The box art displays the contents of the set and states the wheels are designed for Hobby Boss and Revell kits.

The box contains a zip-lock bag with resin pieces, masking sheets and masking instruction leaflet.

Upon closer examination, the resin pieces look amazing. The level of details is astounding, with all the intricate features of the wheels perfectly delivered. I found no casting imperfections whatsoever… DEF resin quality really is second to none.

The casting blocks are located on the bottom part of the road wheels and should prove very easy to remove without damaging the detail. I would suggest sharp side cutters and a modeling knife, with some sandpaper to finish the job. Although cleaning the spare wheel could seem a bit more tricky, the process is facilitated by thin attachment points which follow the tire tread pattern. If the casting block is removed carefully, there should be no need to recreate the tread pattern on the spare wheel.

The tire depicted in the set is Continental HCS 14.00R20. The dimensions of the tire are 1268 x 377 mm (49.9 x 14.8 in) and the approved rim width 254 mm (10 in). 

Photo: MAN Truck 5t mil gl 4x4 Cat1 A1.

Comparing these images with the DEF Model 1/35 scale version of Continental HCS revealed a really good match. The complex tread pattern is accurately delivered and the sidewall details impressively reproduced. The magnification which unveiled the embossing detail also exposed an error, as the brand name inscription is spelled incorrectly, Continontal instead of Continental.

The rim and the 10-bolt pattern are nicely defined, as well as the hub with another set of 10 bolts. DEF Model tire is sized to 36,05 x 10,65 mm, which makes them only a fraction of a milimeter smaller in diameter than the real tire in 1/35 scale.

The wheels in this set are depicted with a slight tire sag. The compression on the tire is not overdone and I feel it conveys the weight of the loaded vehicle really well.

The set includes two slightly different wheels, labeled as A and B. These wheel variants are oriented differently, regarding the sidewall inscriptions as well as compression where the tire contacts the ground. This slight variance ensures the wheels don’t look identical when fixed to the same side of the vehicle.

Here's a closer look at the spare tire, front and back.

Three pre-cut masking sheets are included in this kit. The masks are of help when painting the wheels, allowing airbrushing without overspray. Also included is the instruction leaflet which shows two different ways of applying the masks and painting the wheels.


German MAN 5t. Mil gl TruckSagged Wheel Set (2) (DW35126) from DEF Model delivers resin replacement wheels (4 road wheels and a spare tire) for 1/35 scale MAN 5t trucks from Revell and Hobby Boss. The wheels are perfectly cast in resin, with ton on details impressively delivered. Accurately sized and with realistically depicted tire sag, the road wheels are provided in two slightly different orientations for additional scale model realism.

Altogether, I highly recommend this set of resin wheels from DEF Model, as they offer far superior details over the vinyl tires/plastic hubs supplied with the Revell/Hobby Boss kits.

A big thanks to DEF Model for this review sample.



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