Master Box set to release another German figure set in a winter setting, something they do so well.

35220 “German Machinegun Team. Autumn-winter 1944. WW II era” - this kit continues the WWII subject and represents a group of 5 German elite infantrymen jumping off the tank that are ready to engage the enemy.

We would like to emphasize that the figures of infantrymen fit easily for any model of a German tank or self-propelled vehicle of that period (T-VI Tiger, T-V Panther, T-IV etc.), as well as for trophy types of tanks, for example, T-34.

The kit includes two sprues. One sprue contains the parts for assembling 5 figures of German military men from the WWII era. The second sprue contains the parts for assembling samples of German weapons and equipment from the WWII era.

The figures are made at a high artistic level, essentially being sculptural miniatures, they are animated very well and interact with each other greatly and allow the modeller to implement the most diverse stories for dioramas.

The kit is produced in 1/35 scale.



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