Darren Baker takes a look at the 1/35th scale MiniArt release titled ‘German Infantry at Rest’.


I am a big fan of well done plastic injection moulded figures regardless of what they as they are more affordable than resin and easier to work with. There are also a few companies whose offerings I really like for different reasons and in the case of MiniArt it is that there offerings are often unique presentations that create a setting when used. This set of four figures from MiniArt are a great case in point offering the modeller German infantry that could just be taking a rest or in the case of one suffering with his emotions.


The offering is provided in one of MiniArt’s end opening cartons and is my biggest gripe with the company as the carton often gets crushed or the end opens and you lose parts. Construction and painting is covered on the rear of the carton. The parts inside are packed in a single plastic  bag that has kept everything together so far. An examination of what is included results in feeling positive about what is offered. There are 8 sprues in this offering providing four figures and four others covering weapons and equipment.

The figures would appear to be wearing the early war uniform on the box lid with the pleated pockets and shaped flap, but examining the figures provided you will find the later style uniform with simple pockets and flaps. Also present are low boots with puttees that were I believe also a later addition. With that out of the way I am still happy with what is provided in this set. The crease detail on the uniform is natural in appearance with the only possible complaint being the figure laying down due to being flattened on the surface contact areas. Close examination reveals some minor flash on the boots of one figure and even then nothing to get upset about. As with all plastic figures there are seam lines from the moulding process to clean up, but again these are not excessive.

The faces and hands of these offering are of a very high order. The faces have well defined features, which while not up to resin standards they are very close to it. There is also good facial expression included which is rare for injection moulded plastic and shows just how far the industry has come. Moving onto the hands and again we get a treat due to excellent hand and finger detail. Each of the figures have their own sprue area and as such this makes locating parts an easy task.

Included on the sprues with each figure is a tied down bedroll and a part that attaches to the bed roll that I cannot identify. There is a dedicated equipment sprue that offers a great selection of items and which I suspect will become a standard sprue with MiniArt’s WW2 German figures. This set offers the modeller the following:

7 helmets with liners

5 entrenchment tools in their canvas and leather hangers

1 entrenchment tool ready for use

2 entrenchment tools folded blade type

5 water canteens

1 canteen with the cup off and the cup has been slide moulded

5 gas mask containers

5 mess tins

1 mess tin ready for use and slide moulded

5 bread bags

5 bayonets sheathed

The personal weapons and squad weapons are supplied on three sprues, one of these covers the MG 42 and the other two are duplicated offerings. I again suspect these will become common offerings for WW2 German troops. The items offered are:

MG 42 with a separate breech and cocking handle (the MG 42will need the muzzle drilled)

2 bipods (folded and deployed)

Spare barrel in its sleeve

Ammunition box with a separate lid

Ammunition belt

Drum magazine

Oil can for the weapon (something I cannot recall having seen supplied previously)

The duplicated sprue offers up the personal weapons for the set and again will make excellent additions for German WW2 figure sets. On each of these sprues we find the following items:

2 MP 40 machine guns with stocks supplied in three parts so that they can be assembled deployed or folded

2 Kar 98K rifles

A Walther P38 both in and out of its holster

A Luger holster open and closed

An unknown revolver

2 bayonets

Binoculars and case

4 sets of 3 ammunition pouches for the Kar 98

4 sets of 3 ammunition pouches for the MP 40

MG 38/42 ammunition box

There are a few other items on this sprue that I have failed to identify, but I am sure the membership will come to the rescue. Please remember that these items are duplicated and so a great selection of items for the spares box as well as the set.


This offering from MiniArt is an excellent offering that brings together well moulded figures in great poses to make for a visually appealing setting. The weapons and equipment sprues offer a great selection of pieces that can be used as directed or if preferred differently by the modeller. I do feel it is getting time for MiniArt to include decal insignia and photo etch weapons slings as this will progress them to the highest levels of injection moulded figures and will meet the wants of the most demanding figure modellers.



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