Darren Baker takes a look at the German Drivers and Officers figure set from MiniArt in 1/35th scale.


When it comes to MiniArt, I still consider figures to be their bread and butter. One of the latest figure sets from them is titled German Drivers and Officers. So let’s take a look at what is provided in this release.


This offering from MiniArt, arrives in the standard end opening card carton, with an artwork on the front, and assembly and painting instructions on the rear. This type of end opening carton is one of the few things that I do not like about MiniArt figures, as they are not very robust. Inside is a single plastic bag that contains all of the sprues.



This offering from MiniArt provides you with two WWII German soldiers performing driving duties. One of these drivers would appear has been provided with a vehicle, and it has broken down and he is tinkering with the engine. The figure has removed his jacket, which I am pleased to say has been provided as if hanging off a wingmirror or sum such. So what we have here is an individual in his shirt, with his sleeves rolled up and tinkering with an aspect of the engine. He is wearing the German mid-calf boot, with field grey trousers. He has also removed his head gear, which again has been provided as a separate part that by placing somewhere in a setting with the jacket I feel adds particularly nice touches. Hand and facial detail are good and I particularly like that a wristwatch is on his wrist. The second driver is in the process of turning the starter handle, this individual is in full uniform, which includes the mid-calf boot. He is wearing a forage cap, with good insignia detail on the front, and the righthand is holding the crank handle, and so it will look natural when utilised. Two separate left arms are provided, with very limited differences between them, so it could be something simple as moving a person closer to the vehicle or a slightly higher position. Uniform detail and features of the jacket would indicate to me, that these would be early war figures due to the fancy pocket flaps that are present, and these are features of the uniform that disappeared as war turned against Germany. The crease detail on the uniform is limited, but I feel is right for the positions the figures are in.


One of the officers is standing bolt up right, and looks to be checking the time on his watch. The trousers are flared on the thigh, and the jacket again has all the details present to cover the period of early to mid WW2. The officer is wearing a peaked cap with good detail present on it, which is moulded separately to the head. Face detail is very good, and hand detail is fair, only due to the fact that they are wearing gloves, which makes everything bulkier. The second officer is a far more relaxed figure as if leaning on the vehicle and taking the mickey out of his driver. This officer still has the bulged trousers on the thigh and the well cut jacket. The hat on this occasion is the M43 field cap, which has been provided separately from the head. Hand and facial detail is very good, and I have to say I find this figure very appealing in his presentation.


This offering from MiniArt provides four figures that will work very well as two pairs. One of the officers has that very strict look about him, and would indicate someone barking at his driver. The other figure with his relaxed pose, gives the impression of having a good rapport with his driver and this makes the pairing more appealing, as it gives over the impression of comrades, rather than them and us. The only complaint I can make, is that the moulding seams are not as clean as I would expect on a new release. In closing, I do feel that all four figures in either pairing could make a nice central theme of a diorama or vignette.



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