Here we take a look at a MiniArt release in 1/35th scale of a German Cargo Trailer.


MiniArt has released the trailer offered with their tractors as a standalone item and this is a great product for use as standing unused, towed by a vehicle or by horses. The model is packed in a cardboard tray with a card lid. Inside the model parts are packed in a single plastic bag with the instruction booklet loose in the box.

The floor of the trailer is provided in two parts and sits on a multi-part chassis. I suggest that the chassis is assembled on the deck of the trailer as it will make it easier to get everything square. The sides of the trailer can be assembled in a down position and so providing seats with a back rest, or up for a solid sided trailer and of course you could mix it if wished. One of the finishing offerings is a hospital transport and so you could mix walking wounded seated and some on stretchers. The tailgate can be assembled open or closed only requiring the latches in an open position and the back down.

A bench seat is provided for a driver if being towed by horses or as extra seating if towed by a vehicle. Due to the option of a medical transport I am pleased to see air filled tyres attached for comfort along with substantial leaf spring suspension which should help make for a comfortable ride. The Tyres have been manufactured in the slices format and so as long as carful cleanup is performed very nice tread detail is gained. The front axle does turn and so will need to be assembled in the correct position if being towed.

MiniArt has provided four finishing options that cover a good spectrum and these are:

Bakery 61st Infantry Division Wehrmacht, Eastern Front, 1941-1942

Administrative Company, 20th Panzer Grenadier Division, Eastern Front, 1943-1944

Unidentified Medical Unit, Western Front, 1944

Artillery Repair Company, Wehrmacht, Germany, 1945


This trailer from MiniArt is a great product that will make for a good centre piece or support item in a diorama, or it could be used to make a good sized model bigger. There are some very nice details present that add to its appeal and of course how it may be displayed and I hope to see many more releases of this kit perhaps with medical troops and injured troops.



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