Here we take a look at a great new combination offering from MiniArt in the form of a German Artillery Tractor T-60 (R) With Crew Towing Pak40 7.5cm Gun.


While not listed as one of MiniArt’s big kits, I am going to label this myself as a medium big set due to it consisting of 3 distinct elements and an interior for the vehicle. The model is packaged in 2 plastic bags inside a cardboard tray with separate card lid. However, the bags do not contain all of the parts for either element. As with all MiniArt offerings, your biggest risk is damaging parts during removal from the sprue, but I cannot see any other concerns with the model as regards design and packaging. 

The T-60 has a very nicely detailed interior, and other than the exception of wiring I believe it to be a complete representation, other than the fuel area of the vehicle. Photo etch for the model is minimal, and while elements are often small in size there is not so much of it that you will be pulling your hair out. In order to keep the high level of detail inside and out of the model, the hull is split into separate panels and this will create the risk of some pieces being out of alignment when assembled. What I suggest you consider is stage 15 builds the firewall between the fuel and crew area - if you assemble and add this to the model it will aide you in correctly positioning the sides of the hull, which will then also aide you in positioning the front and rear. 

I appreciate that MiniArt has covered the painting of many of the small elements inside the vehicle, which due to the large driver’s hatch and open turret ring a good view of the interior is possible without modification. The swing arms of the torsion bar suspension are quite fine, and I urge you to be careful during the fitting of these parts as if you are ham-fisted like me, breakage could easily occur. The tracks of this model are provided as individual track links, but these are not workable and so assembly could be a struggle for you, but it will give you the possibility of a very natural look, were the tracks sag and the like. 

Pak 40 

I do not know if this portion of the model is new, old or provided by another manufacturer. The detail present is surprising even to me, as it looks like even the cable braking system is replicated with photo etched parts. I personally would utilise a copper wire from an electrical cable for this purpose. In the past I have built the Tamiya and Dragon versions of this gun and from what I can see here and remember from the past this is a better model of the 7.5cm Pak. The only thing that is missing and will need to be replicated by the modeller is the damage to the rubber on the wheels. 

You have been given the option of having the legs splayed as in use or closed while being towed. The main barrel of the gun is a single piece moulding, and I do not know if a metal replacement suitable for this kit is currently available. What I do like is that you have a choice of 4 muzzle brakes. 3 of these are in my opinion equal to brass options I have seen within limits, and of particular note is that the 4th option has the muzzle brake covered in a canvas bag to prevent the ingress of dirt during manoeuvres. I suspect that if you are purchasing this kit, it is to show this gun being towed, and I believe that this element will again greatly please the modeller with the ability to do it justice. 

The figure set supplied with the kit is one that I know has been previously released, as I have even used it in the past. You get a driver for the T-60 and a further 4 crew members that can be placed on the hull - where the modeller desires within reason. The mould for the figures looks to be holding up very well, as the flash that there is, is on the sprue and not the parts. The detail on the figures is not as good as a new release, but in my opinion is acceptable. Particularly where the faces and hands are concerned. Each of the figures is provided with a personal weapon, the required number of ammunition pouches, plus water canteens and a holstered side arm. You have also been given the option of soft caps or tin helmets. My only concern with regards what is provided is the inclusion of ammunition pouches as it is unusual to see artillery troops wearing anything that could catch on the weapon during operation. 

MiniArt has provided 2 finishing options for this release and they are both listed purely as The Eastern Front 1943, and so with some checking on line your options should increase further.


This offering from MiniArt is in my opinion another high end offering. It brings together 3 elements that naturally work together and with the replacement of the figures the gun being used in the field, with its tow tractor is easily achievable. Clean up of parts on the two older elements will require care as things like the gates are a little larger than as usually seen now - but that should not deter you from what is a very pleasing model offering and combination.



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