Here we take a look at what the Gaz-AAA with Quad Maxim AA Gun in 1/35th scale from HobbyBoss has to offer.


This offering from HobbyBoss of a Gaz truck with an anti-aircraft set up on the back is provided in a robust cardboard tray with a robust cardboard lid. Inside the sprues are individually packaged, with a large amount of foam also used to protect the finer mouldings. Packaging in this case has been put to the test as the lid has been punctured, but the contents are in perfect condition. An examination of the sprues reveals no obvious moulding issues out of the ordinary.

The chassis of this release is a multi-part assembly that will require care to get the correct alignment of the main chassis rails. HobbyBoss has opted to tackle the oily parts to a high degree, but cable detail will need to be added if desired. Wheel detail is good, but the use of vinyl rubber tyres is likely to upset a few modellers. 

The cab interior of the release is basic, but then what do you expect from a Soviet World War 2 vehicle!! The clear portions are of a reasonable thickness, so should meet the expectations of modellers. The hood detail has been accurately moulded, but showing the hood open will be a difficult proposition as the parts have not been moulded with that consideration in place, and the walls will also need to be thinned down. 

Lights and wing mirrors are pleasing due to clear lenses, and the wooden rear deck is nicely detailed but ejector pins marks will need to be addressed. The Maxim machine guns are well detailed and easier to assemble than I expected. The framework is obviously going to be a risk of breakage during removal, but as long as care is taken I think most will be pleased by what is provided. The mount for the gun is surprisingly robust, and so a firm base for the weapons system is included and this area is finished off nicely via the application of ammunition boxes. I would have liked to see some ammunition boxes supplied on the bed and ready for use.

HobbyBoss has provided 2 finishing options: 1) in a standard overall green, with 2) that has been white washed. Disappointingly HobbyBoss has not provided any details on what the vehicle represents.


This release from HobbyBoss is very nicely detailed, especially in the oily areas but you have no ability to realistically show that detail. The anti-aircraft machine guns are not only better detailed than I expected, but are also easier to assemble by a ham-fisted modeller such as myself. What is a very nice release in1/35th scale is let down by the fact that HobbyBoss has provided no details on what the model represents. 



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