Review of Gaahleri GHAD-68 trigger airbrush.

The Gaahleri GHAD-68 is a dual action, gravity fed, trigger airbrush with 0.38mm and 0.50mm nozzles.

It comes in a box with the silhouette of the airbrush in color, and after removing the sliding cover we find an elegant matte black hard cardboard box with the company logo. On the inside of the lid of this box is the exploded view of the airbrush.

The contents of the box, conveniently padded with hard foam to avoid any damage, are :

  • Quick Start Guide, with instructions for disassembly, assembly and adding lubricant. It is written in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.
  • Airbrush.
  • Two cups, one-quarter and one-half ounce with lids.
  • Lubricant tube
  • Set of replacement o-rings.
  • Quick connection to air source.
  • Additional 0.5mm needle, nozzle and nozzle cap.

The airbrush has several interesting details, such as the use of Teflon seals for parts in contact with paint, which are more resistant to solvents, the needle limiter on the back or a plastic tip guard when not in use.

The nozzle is of the floating type, which makes it easier to disassemble and clean. The airbrush feels solid and comfortable in the hand, but not heavy. Overall, the first impression is excellent as it has features that other airbrushes require you to purchase separately, such as the double needle, extra o-rings  or cup caps. The floating tip is definitely a plus, as are the Teflon seals.

In use

The connection to an air source can be done with a standard 1/8" thread or the included quick connector. 

In the hand the airbrush fits well and is comfortable. The trigger responds easily and is not too soft, which allows for more control. A light press opens the valve and air comes out without moving the needle (and therefore no paint comes out), which is the equivalent of pushing on a conventional airbrush. 

There is a kind of "stop", that you feel as some resistance on the trigger, that marks when you are really starting to move the needle backwards.

To test it, I have used Vallejo Model Air Dark Gray diluted 2:1 with its own thinner and a portable compressor rated at 25 psi max. During the test I found no problems or incidents. The airbrush works well, the pattern is consistent and the paint goes where it is supposed to go. Being a double action airbrush, the more you pull the trigger, the more paint comes out. The limit on the rear is very handy to keep a constant flow effortlessly.

Although the needles are medium (0.38mm) and large (0.50mm) for modeling, you can get very  fine lines by bringing the tip very close to the subject. On the other hand, by moving the airbrush away from it and pulling the trigger, the width covered in one pass is considerable. Because of the type of airbrush and its handle, it is ideal for covering large areas of base coats or varnishes, especially on large scale models, or diorama bases.

Changing the needle is simple and takes just a few moments. The needle, nozzle and cap are included as they all need to be changed. None of these elements is marked, so be careful not to mix them up. In any case, with a magnifying glass at least 3x, you can see the difference in size. The paint flows smoothly, with no puddles anywhere. The paint does not stick to the cup or inside the airbrush, and the nozzle can be easily removed without tools.

These are some informal test with different pressures, trigger levels and distance to paper.  I am no artist so do not expect a fancy drawing... I am a modeller, and this was a way to test how the airbrush performs and feels, and definitively it does the job. Paper size is A4.


This is a nice trigger airbrush, perfect for convenient base coating or painting large surfaces. The 0.50mm needle and half ounce cup are ideal for this, quickly covering large surfaces. But it can also be used for more fine and detailed work with its double-action mechanism and 0.38 needle, thus making it a good option for those who do not feel comfortable with a traditional-shaped airbrush. 

Noteworthy is the number of extras included, such as spare o-rings, double cup, lubricant, cup caps, limiter and two needles.

If you are looking for a trigger airbrush, either for primary use or as a second for large coverage, this is a candidate worth considering.



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