Here we take a look at the G7117 with WW2 Soviet Drivers from ICM in 1/35th scale.


The following introduction is as provided by ICM:

Chevrolet trucks were among the equipment coming to the USSR from the United States during World War II (as part of lend-lease deliveries). Their deliveries began in 1942. These trucks had a capacity of 1.5 tons and were used in combat units, and in the home front. They were used to transport infantry, as artillery trucks, ambulances, mobile workshops, to deliver ammunition, etc. In addition to the basic version, the army also used the G7117 model, which differed by a winch in the front end of the chassis. Reliable and easy to use, manoeuvrable and good cross-country ability, these trucks were loved and respected by soldiers. After the war they continued to serve in the Soviet Army until the mid-1950s.


This offering from ICM is packaged in the usual manner of a flip top cardboard tray, with an additional card lid containing the artwork. Inside there are two reseal-able plastic bags containing all the plastic parts. The decals for the model are protected by the instruction booklet. An examination of the contents reveals no issues with the mouldings, I however, have taken steps to protect some elements due to their finesse, and in some cases these could be damaged from all being packaged together.

The chassis of this model is a multi part offering, however with two of the cross members being reasonably wide, keeping the chassis square during assembly should be an easier task than should have been the case. By tackling the chassis rails is different pieces, ICM has been able to add a more accurate level of detail than would otherwise be the case. I have checked the chassis rails against on-line images, and I am very pleased with the match up of details. The rear axle bell housing with its distinctive vanes is well represented. The leaf suspension springs will need the mould seams cleaned up, and should when done look good. One of the nice aspects of ICM is that they supply all of the oily bits for their models as a general rule, and here we have a reasonably detailed offering of the engine and gearbox which should meet the requirements of most modellers. I however am sure that some will super detail this aspect of the model via wiring and cables - which has the potential to lift it to a very high standard. 

Moving to the front axle you will find that my per hate is present, meaning that the front wheels cannot be shown turned and a lot of work would be required to do so. The exhaust system appears to follow an accurate track, but the end will need to be opened up to improve its appearance. The running boards are attached to the chassis have good surface detail present. The wheels of this offering including the tyres are injection moulded plastic, which should satisfy most modellers including those who like vinyl rubber. The new addition here in the form of the front winch fails to meet my expectations due to cable being moulded onto the drum and the detail is weak in my opinion. I would sand down the moulded detail and then drill a hole to take a metal cable of your choice. Insert the cable and use CA to hold it in place then wrap it around the drum and source an end connector of your choice.

The cab of the model is assembled as a sub-assembly, with good interior floor detail and dashboard, showing all of the instruments. Unusually for ICM they have not provided decals for the instruments on the dash. However, all of the controls you would expect to find are present. The bench seat has some detail to the cushioning, but shows no signs of wear and tear. There are some ejector pin marks on the interior surface of the cab panels, that should be addressed during assembly. These primarily concern the roof and rear of the cab. The doors of the truck are single skinned, but ICM have supplied detail on both faces and here you will find four small ejector pin marks, which should again be addressed. The doors of the cab are not designed to be displayed open, and so again some work will be required, should you desire this. The hood/bonnet is another area, where work will be required should you wish to display the very pleasing engine detail. 

The cargo bed is also a separate sub-assembly, with good detail on all faces. Again there are some very minor ejector pin marks, that should be easily addressed with a little rubbing with sandpaper. The mud guards and their braces have been well replicated, as has the storage area for the spare wheel. The wheels that are on the axles, can with care retain the ability to rotate. The side panels of the cargo bed, with the seats raised will require some attention to some minor moulding marks. However the seats can also be assembled deployed. No canvas is provided in the kit, but as a general rule of thumb, something like tissue paper, wet with PVA glue and draped over the frame can with care, provided a very pleasing looking canvas - with a natural look to it. The glazed portions of the model, such as the windows, and lights have been well tackled, and I like that ICM has tackled the windscreen in a way that means it could be shown open, and the wiper blades have been provided as separate parts which removes a lot of the difficulties of painting. 

The finishing options for this model are all lend-lease vehicles, and I think this is a little bit of a mistake on ICM’s part, as I believe one example being used by the Western Allies would be well received.

The two offerings of the model are:

Chevrolet G7117, Unknown Red Army Unit, East Germany, Spring 1945

Chevrolet G7117, Truck from Lend Lease Consignment, 1944

The Soviet drivers released with this set have been included in several offerings and the moulds are holding up well it seems. The figures are well moulded and perform their function well, but I do feel their size is on the small side and this may be to make them suitable across a wide range of models. I like ICM figures, but in this case I think they should start thinking about making new figures to suit each model. If the two figures offered here were an American and a Russian the appeal of the model would have been greatly increased.


This release from ICM does a good job of replicating the Chevrolet G7117 truck in 1/35th scale. This is particularly true of the oily and grimy parts of the vehicle that ICM tackles surprisingly well, but does not put in the same amount of effort to display this wonderful detail. Having looked through the contents for the model, the only moulding issue that I am aware of are some ejector pins marks, and I have covered in the review the minor disappointments I have had with some aspects of the model. But that does not take away from what for the most part is a well designed and pleasing model including the figures. 



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