Here we take a look at the FWD Type B World War I US Ammunition Truck from ICM in 1/35th scale.


The following introduction is taken from the ICM website:

The American company FWD (Four Wheel Drive Auto Company) was once an innovative enterprise that developed and produced four-wheel-drive vehicles. One of these cars, the 3-ton FWD Type B truck, had a classic hoodless layout with the driver’s position above the engine compartment. The driver was located directly on the hood of the 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 36 hp, the radiator was located in front of the cabin. During World War I, the U.S. Army ordered 15,000 of these vehicles, known as the “Truck, 3-ton, Model 1917.” In fact, over 14,000 units were delivered, with additional orders coming from Great Britain and Russia. At the same time, the U.S. Ordnance Department developed a body model for transporting ammunition, and some FWD Type B vehicles were equipped with similar bodies. These ammunition transporters were used by the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe, where they carried artillery shells and various equipment. Additionally, they were involved in towing artillery pieces.


This release from ICM of a 4 wheel drive Type B truck in 1/35th scale is provided with a lot of parts shown as not used, and I am racking my brain as to if this model has been released in a different version, or an alternative is to follow. ICM has gone with the multi part chassis in this release, which while making the model more difficult to build it does enable a greater amount of detail to be provided. The engine for the vehicle is in my opinion ugly, as I looks like it had a weight dropped on it, with 2 cylinders heads added as an after thought. But the level of detail cannot be argued with, as it is pleasing. In fact, this comment with regards to the oily parts and under side are all very pleasing aspects of this model, and those modellers who like to show destroyed vehicles will only really need to add pipe and cabling detail. Of the World War I trucks that I have seen, it would appear that the Americans wanted their troops to be comfortable as a leather diamond patterned bench seat, with a high back support is what they were provided with and this would look at home on a Ford Model T. The only part of the vehicle that would make me uncomfortable is that the fuel tank sits raised up high directly behind the bench seat - which would cause me some sleepless nights!!! Furniture on the vehicle primarily in the form of lights have been very well replicated, and you even get a starter handle should you require to show that in effect. The bed of the truck is substantial, with a lot of detail added during construction which should make it pleasing to the eye. A tent type canvas has been supplied, with ICM providing indications on where it needs to be drilled in order to add your own tie downs for an accurate representation. ICM has provided 3 finishing options for this model, one of which is a multi colour camouflage which is a nice change form the usual “Paint it Green”!!!

The finishing options are:

FWD Type B Ammunition Truck, American Expeditionary Force, 1918

FWD Type B Ammunition Truck, American Expeditionary Force, May 1918

FWD Type B Ammunition Truck, US Ordnance Department, 1918

ICM has released a paint set for this release item 3051 containing 6 paints from the ICM range:

1071   Camouflage Green

1056    Light Earth

1002    Black

1060    Middle Stone

1037    Dark Grey

1051    Dark Rust

This 6 paint set using acrylic paints comes in 12ml pots, and I believe provides all of the colours needed to paint this release, at least in regards to a base to work on.


This release from ICM is of a vehicle that I know very little about. However, detail both on, in and under every aspect of the release is visually pleasing which enables a number of accurate finishes including a broken down, damaged or destroyed vehicle with the modellers imagination being the only limiting factor. 



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