Scorpion Miniature Models adds another Ferret update to their catalogue... an interior designed for Airfix kit.

Available now:

Ferret had a long service life spread over 5 decades. Finding in-service, in-period, interior photos is near impossible. The best illustrations are the stowage diagrams included here.

This set does not pretend to be authentic for any one period or mission, but hopefully there are enough options to depict a No.19 (1950s/60s), Larkspur (to the late 70s) or Clansman Ferret. Optional crew switch gear is provided for each radio in this set. Hopefully, most eventualities are covered in this set.

The good thing about the Airfix kit is that they supply nice Larkspur and Clansman radios. No.19 wireless and antennae are available as SMM3566A and 3566B. Larkspur antennae mounts SMM3565. Clansman mounts SMM3564R.

The interior is only really visible in Ferret Mk.1. These were initially equipped with jump seats on the the inside of the escape hatches, shown here in the instructions, replaced in Mk.2 with MG ammo bins (and retrofitted to Mk.1 later).

This set shows three different interior options from the three periods mentioned above. Of course, there were many variations over time but, considering that relatively little will be seen – other than Mk.1 with it’s open roof – there should be more than enough to satisfy the eye in this set.



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