Faustus Models Commercial Licenses

In response to several instances of copyright infringement by various companies, a proactive approach has been adopted by FaustusModels. A selection of their products has been released under commercial licenses. This decision reflects a commitment to fostering transparent and beneficial relationships within the scale model community, particularly between FaustusModels and traders or producers.

 The introduction of commercial licenses is not only a protective measure for FaustusModels' intellectual property but also an opportunity for growth and innovation within the scale modeling industry.

.By setting accessible price points for these licenses, they have ensured that even small-scale traders and independent businesses can benefit from this new offering. This inclusive approach demonstrates FaustusModels' dedication to supporting a diverse range of participants in the scale model market.

For enthusiasts and professionals in the scale model community looking to explore these offerings, FaustusModels extends an invitation to visit their shop on the Cults3D platform. 

The provided link (https://cults3d.com/en/users/FaustusModels/3d-models) leads directly to their online store, where the commercially licensed products can be viewed and purchased. This initiative presents a valuable opportunity for those in the scale model industry to enhance their collections and offerings with high-quality, legally licensed designs from FaustusModels.



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