Desert Eagle Publishing is proud to announce the release of the 2nd book in the Tank Wrecks series

TWR-2 will cover the Patton/Magach wrecks of the IDF.

Full color, never seen before photographs.

Book is covering the following:

  • Magach 3 (M48A3)
  • Magach 3 improved (M48A3)
  • Magach 3 -turret removed (M48A3)+interior exposed
  • Magach 5 (M48A5)
  • Magach 6Mem (M60) w/M9 Dozer
  • Magach 7 (M60)
  • Magach 7 Gimel (M60)
  • Magach 6B Gal - M60A1E2 RISE
  • Magach 3 - Ballistic hits
  • Power packs (engines and transmissions)

Book is perfect for dusting rusting and detailing your Patton/Magach models.

Tank wrecks do not have the extra gear and equipment, thus enabling to see the various details.

Release is scheduled to the second half of October, 48 years to the Yom Kippur War.



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