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Remember Pearl Harbor!!

Dear Friends,

Eighty-two years ago tomorrow, President Franklin Roosevelt addressed Congress concerning the surprise Japanese attack on US forces at Pearl Harbor, uttering the famous line describing December 7 as "a date which will live in infamy..."

Unfortunately, in the somewhat revisionist and politically correct world in which we now live, the events of 82 years ago are largely forgotten - and with that the sacrifice so many made on that day - and in the following years. Eighty years ago, it would have been difficult to find a man, woman or child in this nation that did not instantly recognize the significance of the battleship Arizona, nor would you likely find anyone in this country who did not think a strong military response was appropriate, or who advocated a negotiated peace. Unfortunately, Pearl Harbor was not the last surprise attack this (or other) nations endured, with some nations having their own "Pearl Harbor" events recently - and are responding just as we did, forcefully, and with dogged determination.

While all receiving this email remember Pearl Harbor, sadly, we all know some who don't.  To try to correct that, from now until Monday we are offering our

USS Arizona Squadron at Sea

book for only $9.95 - over $15 off of list price - perhaps an early Christmas gift for someone for whom the significance of this day is lost.

Also, because the US Navy ships bore the brunt of the initial attack, we are offering a 10% discount on all our in stock publications concerning

US Navy ships

 (excluding the sale-priced Arizona book).

This week we possibly received more new publications than any other week this year.  Among the new titles were several Schiffer Legends of Warfare books which are scheduled for truck delivery today - if you had any of these books reserved you should have gotten your arrival notification last night. The links in those notifications MUST be used in order to get the special reserve pricing.

Those new books are:

M60 Legends of WarfareM48 Patton Legends of WarfareM42 Duster Legends of WarfareUSMC Tracked AmphibiansF-104 Starfighter Legends of WarfareCH-47 Chinook Legends of Warfare

We are also pleased to say we have received an extensive selection of PanzerWrecks publications - both the

eponymous series

now in its 25th installment, as well as their array of other books - the latter of which appear on our

Axis Armored and Tracked Vehicle


Another extensive series of books that arrived this week are the many hardbound armor-related books from

PeKo Publishing

Also arriving this week were a broad selection of the famous

Panzer Tracts

publications.  Both the PeKo and Panzer Tracts pages linked above are temporary pages pending having time to integrate them fully into our website - so DON'T bookmark them.

We have been restocked on the scarce:

Revenge of the Red Raiders

 as well as the rest of the

Eagles over the Pacific


Newly in from Casemate are their new titles on the

M8 and M20 armored car

and the

37mm antitank gun

Our selection of Images of Warfare books has restocked and augmented, with the books added to the subject pages, although the

Images of War brand page

is not yet fully updated.

Finally, we have restocked and expanded our selection of

Schiffer books

including the Tiger Project series.

Unfortunately, as seems now to frequently be the case, some books were damaged in transit, and we are offering those with an extra discount on our

Dented but Still Good


Denise and I remain grateful for your support, and will work to get these orders out as quickly as possible.


David and Denise Doyle



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