New kit of a 155mm Howitzer from Das Werk

Known by many different names „Canon de 155 Mle 1917 Schneider C“ (France, Belgium), „15.5cm sFH 414(f)“ (German Afrikakorps), „Model 1918 155mm Howitzer - Schneider“ (U.S.A.) this powerful and robust howitzer served in the armies of many nations during World War I, the Spanish Civil War, World War II and even beyond. 


  • Highly detailed static plastic model
  • Version used by US Marine Corps
  • Can be built in transport and firing position with hitch
  • Two types of ammunition
  • Ammo, crates (transport boxes) & shell handling cradle included
  • Two types of loading rammer included
  • Breech can be built open or closed
  • Photo-Etch-Parts included
  • Available (Asia & Europe): Mid of June 2022



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