Re-release of this CD-8025 Tropical Hut #1. Full 1/35th scale resin kit.

Tropical Hut #1

Tropical Hut #1

Full resin kit of a typical Tropical Hut seen in the Pacific, Asia, jungles of South America, or Caribbean.  Can be used for any time period but works well with PTO W.W.II, and Vietnam.  As with most resin kits some clean up is required, as well as the removal of any casting blocks.  All pieces should be washed in soapy water to remove any mold release left.  Take time to assemble to make sure all pieces line up correctly.  Use superglue as it is a resin item.  You can construct a styrene or wood ladder for climbing into the hut or you can leave the legs off and put the hut on the ground like many are set up this way.  The kit features great detail on all sides, inside and out.

These kinds of huts are prominently featured in the movie "Back To Battan" with John Wayne when the Japanese troops are attacking the village crossing over the wood bridge as well as in the movie "The Pacific", and others based on Vietnam War.

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