PaulusVictor, a one-man-band aftermarket company from Croatia producing waterslide decal sets for airplanes, offers their first decal set for military vehicles: Croatian Military Licence Plates. The set is available in both 1/35 and 1/72 scales.


This review covers Croatian Military Licence Plates (PVDS-001-35) in 1/35 scale.

The set is packed in a plastic zip-lock bag. It contains a waterslide decal sheet, a sheet of PVC foil, and an instruction leaflet.

The decal sheet is printed in high-quality, the registration is perfect and the colors look vivid and well saturated.  The sheet consists of 8 licence plates, 4 with and 4 without black frame. The plates include HV lettering (Croatian Army, Croatian: Hrvatska vojska or HV) and Croatian coat of arms, while all the additional lettering and numbers are delivered separately, enabling modelers to recreate a specific licence plate of the vehicle being recreated in scale.

The PVC foil is a great addition to the set. In contrast to the completely two-dimensional decals which need some kind of plate holder (i.e. styrene sheet cut to size), the foil provides a slightly thicker plate which can be fitted directly to the model. This sheet consists of 16 plates, with or without the black plate frame. Lettering and numbers provided on the waterslide decal sheet should be used to recreate a specific licence plate. A word of advice from the company: after cutting the PVC foil, the modeler should use white glue or superglue to fix the plate to the model.

The instructions provide a short guide on applying the waterslide decals, as well as briefly explain the procedure of making the licence plates using the decals or using the PVC foil.

And finally, here are a couple of examples of the real thing. The color of the plate, the coat of arms, the lettering font… all the Croatian Army licence plate details are authentically represented in the PaulusVictor decal set.


The Croatian Military Licence Plates (PVDS-001-35) set from PaulusVictor offers both waterslide decal sheet and PVC foil sheet to realistically and accurately depict the licence plate of a specific Croatian Army vehicle in 1/35 scale.

This really is a no brainer… if you are interested in modeling Croatian Army Humvees, Iveco LMVs, Mercedes Gs, Toyota Landcruisers, Land Rover Wolfs, or various transport trucks, this set from PaulusVictor is a must.

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