Here we take a look at a 1/35th scale figure release from MiniArt titled 'Civilian Drivers 1930’s – 40’s'.


This offering from MiniArt in 1/35 providing Civilian Drivers 1930’s – 40’s are some of the figures from MiniArt’s tractor offerings. The product arrives in one of MiniArt’s end opening cartons which is not the strongest level of protection from past experience when it comes to storage; however the artwork is generally good. The sprues are packed together in a single plastic bag and the model parts are clean in this example.

Each of the figures is on a sprue of its own and so easy to find and access the parts. The gates between sprue and part are small in number with in some cases moulding nipples attached and on these nipples is the only place I see any flash. The figures represent two female and male figures and a nice touch is that one of each is driving while the other two perform a role on the ground.

The clothing on the four figures I would say represents typical rural clothing, two in factory type clothing and one that strikes me as more of a person employed to chauffeur. The clothing has very nicely replicated creases that look natural for the stances. As these figures were originally performing specific tasks the breakdown of the various parts will make editing a possible via cut and shut plus filler and as we all now civilian figures are hard to source, plus with two of these being working female figures that are especially low in number.


For those members who often seek civilian figures this offering from MiniArt is a great starting point and a set to have available to you. Lows for me can only be laid at the packing as these end opening card cartons are in need of improvement, but MiniArt is not alone in that. The pluses of this set are many offering a good mix of figures that are well moulded. The detail is crisp in my opinion with fair to good hand and facial detail.



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