MENG announced their new 1/72 scale kit. Check out the company's press release.

72-001 PLA ZTQ15 Light Tank

72-001 PLA ZTQ15 Light Tank

The Heavily Armored ZTQ15 in the Palm

As an outstanding representative of the latest Chinese army armored assault force, the ZTQ15 light tank features a modular design. Though installed with heavy armor, the ZTQ15 light tank can still rely on its stable and powerful power system to maintain mobility. After releasing the 1/35 ZTQ15 light tank model kits, now we have the honor to present you the first product of MENG’s new series, the exquisite and easy-to-assemble 1/72 ZTQ15 Light Tank model kit.

As the first product of MENG’s 1/72 series, the assembled model of 72-001 PLA ZTQ15 Light Tank will be 141mm long and 46.5mm wide. This kit includes the add-on armor parts for the whole vehicle, a weapon station and link and length tracks. Let’s check the details.

The ZTQ15 light tank in 1/72 scale is small and exquisite. Thanks to the fast and easy assembly design, modellers can build this model in a quick and convenient way. Are you excited about it? Stay tuned for more updates.

72-001 PLA ZTQ15 Light Tank

Scale: 1/72

Available in: June 2022



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