Scorpion Miniature Models continues to release upgrade sets for Tamiya Challenger I. The detail sets include various bits like front glacis armor, turret baskets, side skirts and other goodies to complement the other upgrades already tackled by the company.

SMM3546E - Challenger I Detail Set Small

New Challenger 1 Products - SMM3546E

Intended for use with the Tamiya Challenger 1 Mk.3 (35154).

This set should be used in conjunction with the earlier SMM3546D Large Set.

The first Tamiya Challenger 1 kit (35134) is difficult to find, even though most parts also appear in the more recent Challenger 1 Mk.3 (35154) kit – depicting Gulf War 1.

The parts in this set allows you to:

a) add further detail to the SMM3546D Challenger 1 Detail Large Set.

b) build an earlier Challenger 1 – before Gulf War 1.

c) build a more updated Challenger 1 to the end of service, including in IFOR, SFOR and KFOR service.

SMM3546F - Challenger I Sideskirts

New Challenger 1 products - SMM3546F

PE skirt plates with 3D-printed handles, plus resin nut/bolt heads are included.

Designed for the Tamiya Challenger 1 (either version)

SMM3546G - Challenger I Turret Baskets

New Challenger 1 products -SMM3546G

These are 3D printed and fit exactly to the Tamiya kit.

Because of Gulf War 1, extra crew stowage became

a problem and several makeshift solutions were built

in the field for the campaign.

Standardised baskets became available soon after.

One long basket was fitted to the left side, and a smaller one on the right immediately behind the TOGs.

SMM3546H - Challenger I Glacis Armour

New Challenger 1 products - SMM3546H

A simple add-on part for those wanting to build an IFOR or SFOR Challenger 1 without going to the expense of the full SMM3546C Armour Package.

This should be used in conjunction with the SMM3546D Detail Set Large and/or the SMM3546E Detail Set Small.

For the IFOR mission to Bosnia (1995), after intial experience without them, front hulls were fitted with add-on glacis armour plates previously used in Gulf War 1 (part 2 from SMM3546C).

SFOR (1996) followed with the same equipment.



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