Centurion frenzy never ends at Scorpion Miniature Models. This time the company released a conversion to backdate the AFV Club Centurion Mk.3.

SMM3553C - Centurion Mk.2 Conversion Set

SMM3553C - Centurion Mk.2 Conversion Set

This set backdates the AFV Club Centurion Mk.3 to the 17-Pounder armed Centurion Mk.2.

Following the relative success of the Mk.1 with its combined welded/cast turret, the Mk.2 was put into production with a new, fully-cast turret. Mk.1 and 2 also had slightly longer rear hull overhangs than the later Mk.3 and 5, hence them being named ‘long hull’.

Not immediately obvious is the fact that the Mk.2 and Mk.3 turrets are different. The right rear corner – behind the commander’s cupola – is more angular with a flat roof. An extra rib was also introduced across the rear deck, and gun rails fitted for the first time.

135 Mk.2s were built, with production completed by early 1949. All Mk.2s were later converted to Mk.3. In turn, 57 of these were converted to Centurion ARV Mk.2, retaining the ‘long hull’ and ribbed deck (available from Accurate Armour), leaving 78 Mk.3 gun tanks that retained the ‘long hull’.

All Mk.2s were built with 3-hole road wheels (SMM3553W).

Available at: https://www.scorpion-miniature-models.co.uk/



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