Darren Baker takes a look over a Gecko Models release offering British L31A3 2 Shells 105mm Ammo Boxes with Pallet in 1/35th scale.


Modern British Army items and vehicles have tended to be overlooked until recently, only the Challenger tank family and the Warrior getting any real coverage in model form. With that said Gecko Models seems to have taken on the challenge and started releasing a good number of vehicles, figures and equipment for the modern British Army. The set looked at here is British L31A3 2 Shells 105mm Ammo Boxes with Pallet, which I believe is ammunition for the British 105mm light gun and so maybe a clue?


This offering from Gecko Models arrives in an end opening carton, but inside of this is a sturdy flip top cardboard tray. Here you will find three bags containing the parts for the models and the decals for that finishing touch. An examination of the contents raises no concerns.

The set consists off our pallets with a good level of detail and easy to assemble. We all know I suspect that pallets can be bare wood or painted all manor of colours and so the modeller has free reign here. The ammunition boxes  have been moulded in a cube of 40 ammunition boxes and so you have 160 all told. The decals provided add the finishing touches to what I feel is a useful item for a truck cargo or diorama feature.


This offering is simplicity itself, but well presented simplicity. This items creates a decent sized element for a number of uses and hopefully means a 105mm Light gun is on the way or in the works. I cannot fault what has been provided, but perhaps a few individual boxes would have been a nice addition.



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