Bill Cross reviews B & L Models 3D resin-printed gas station, Lambro and Tri-Cabs.


Gecko Models has created a stir announcing a styrene kit of the Lambro Motor-Tricycle, but B & L Models already has one out in 3D-printed resin. The kit is part of B & L's "Streets of Saigon" series that includes a gas station and a set of motorized pedicabs. The sets include figures and animals, and provide modelers with nifty ways of populating a diorama or vignette from the Vietnam War period. Even now, Saigon (now called Ho Chi Minh City officially, though no one refers to it by that name in Vietnam) runs on scooters and small vehicles.

Lambros were manufactured by the Italian manufacturer Lambretta, and there were literally thousands in the streets of Saigon, especially after the end of public bus service in 1971. The vehicles could carry up to 12 passengers (10 in the back and two beside the driver). Pedicabs were the transportation choice of the better-off who couldn't afford a car and driver.


Unlike most styrene kits being released today, these 3D-printed vehicles and figures are simple and easy to build. Many parts are molded as one, and assembly requires little complexity. Because they are 3D printed, some cleanup is required, especially at the attachment point to the "trees" when objects are printed. But assembling the gas station took less than an hour, with most of the time concentrated on removing the parts from their "trees."

The Review(s)

Simply-put, 3D resin printing is a game changer for modeling. No longer do niche kits languish for want of a styrene manufacturer or an amateur resin pourer. These items are easy to design, easy to make and easy to build. Some modelers feel this takes away from the experience, or that it's "not real modeling," but I say bravo to B & L Models for bringing these items into our hobby.


These kits are well-done and reasonably-priced. Dealing with B & L and ordering from Vietnam are also a snap.

Thanks to B & L Models for providing these review samples. Be sure to mention you saw them reviewed on Armorama when ordering your own.



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