B&L Models has released an anti-aircraft modification for the T-34.

Vietnamese model company B&L Models has released a resin turret with metal barrels conversion for the T-34. According to B&L's Bao Nguyen, 

The twin-barreled 37mm anti-aircraft vehicle on the fuselage of the NVA T-34 was captured by the ARVN in the Quang Tri battlefield in 1972 during Operation Lam Son 72 to recapture that important provincial capital. The vehicle was then brought back to the US, displayed at the Aberdeen training grounds in Maryland, and then moved to Fort Sill, OK.

Previously, websites often listed it as a Chinese Type-63 anti-aircraft vehicle, although the Chinese did not see the existence of this type. According to veterans of the People's Army of Vietnam, this is the A24 model, which was modified by the Q153 factory (now Z153) from a T-34 vehicle;  the modification process took the same amount of time as the modification of the A25 anti-aircraft vehicle models (a T-34 carrying a single-barrel 57mm cannon), or a single-barreled 37mm and a double-barreled 23mm anti-aircraft array on the SU-76 body.

The number of completed A24 vehicles is unknown; it seems that at least 8 (?) vehicles were modified and equipped for the anti-aircraft companies of the Motorized Infantry Regiment 202 and the 203rd Armored Regiment. The fact that the US side attributed this vehicle to China may be due to improvements from Chinese artillery and vehicles. In fact, the combat effectiveness of these self-propelled anti-aircraft guns (including the ZSU-57-2 provided by the Soviets) is not high, due to their low targeting, firing speed and stability. The few anti-aircraft vehicles that took part in combat in 1972 were mostly destroyed after that. As for the A24 model, besides the one with the number 045 above, there are no other images or artifacts today.

According to B&L the conversion is intended for the Zvezda or AFV Club T-34s. This and all B&L products available from their FaceBook page.

Figure not included LOL.

Figure not included LOL.



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