Here we take a look at two 3D printed figures from FC Model Trend in 1/35th scale titled 'Afrika Korps Tank Crew Set 2'.


FC Model Trend is begun producing a lot of releases in various scales using the 3D printing technique. This method has previously disappointed in some instances, due to there being an obvious layer mark between one layer and the next, an issue that I am pleased to say does not affect releases from FC Model Trend. One of the recent releases using this technique is Afrika Korps Tanks Crew (set2) in 1/35th scale.


This product from FC Model Trend provides two 3D resin moulded figures. They arrive attached to a rigid base plate and inside a rigid plastic blister pack with a card insert providing you with product information. The two figures provided in this release, are of German tankers at rest. 

At my initial inspection the figure detail appears to be a little soft, however, the more I look at them the more I think my assessment is wrong and a dusting of a matt undercoat to remove the shine proves I was wrong. The uniform detail has very well depicted breast pockets on the shirt with rolled up sleeves. The knee length shorts worn have appropriate external detail, but I would have thought due to the functionality of this moulding process I expected to find some undercut detail in the legs of the shorts. This figure is wearing the high lace up boots seen, and the heel and sole of the boot are separated by a smooth instep. No tread detail is present and due to how this figure is portrayed this detail is not required. The helmet depicted is a pith helmet, with good detail of the vented top and the chin strap wrapped around the front of the hat. My only concern is that there would appear to be a sunken area on the top of the helmet, this has not affected the vent, but has given the helmet a very flat top look. The goggles around the neck of this figure are very nicely replicated, and the binoculars held in the left hand via the neck strap could only really have been tackled using this moulding method. 

The second figure is in a sitting position, as if sat on a rock as the buttocks are a little higher than the soles of the boots. The uniform on the individual features the full length trousers, and the same type of shirt as the other figure with the sleeves rolled up. This figure is wearing the field cap and has the eagle and target marked out on the front of it. The footwear are a lace up type of shoe or ankle boot, but I am unable to identify them as putties - seen to have been used with shoes most commonly and there are no putties included in this release. 

The hand detail on the seated figure is reasonable and a watch strap can be seen on the right wrist. The facial features depict somebody with a smile on their face, and good ear detail. The standing figures hands are very pleasing to me visually, and with careful painting should add some life to the figure. The only thing I would possibly consider doing is trimming the index finger of the right hand which looks a little on the long side. The facial features on this offering look quite good head on and very good side on. I am again pleased to see the effort put into the ear detail.


This offering from FC Model Trend is very good in one respect in that clean up of the figures will be relatively easy and no assembly is required. My observations on the pith helmet is disappointing, but it is unclear to me whether this is a repetitive issue or a one off due to some sinking, possibly due to a heat issue or such, but I do not know enough about this moulding method to be absolutely clear as to what caused this issue. Something that I feel is a high point is that these two figures cost €16 which is a good price for two resin figures, even with the issue with the Pith helmet needing a little remedial attention. The two particular high points for this release are the straps of the binoculars and the brim thickness of the Pith helmet. 



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