Here we look at another of the 1/35th scale Vietnam War period products from Gecko Models with this on titled '60s - 70s Vietnamese Children, Puppy and Buffalo Set'.


This offering from Gecko Models is one of the three releases to offer you Buffaloes being used as beasts of burden in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. This release has two water buffalo that are standing upright and happily are not duplicated within this set. This release conjures up ideas in my mind for their use in settings with American troops in attendance. Settings such as, stroking the puppy that the kid is holding, or talking to the what I believe is the older child. 

Fur replication on the animals is quite good, and the gates connected to the mouldings are both of a reasonable size and minimal in number. Being animals I suspect that some filler will be needed to hide the joins, and if you take note of the direction of the surface detail you are covering up the filler should be easily hidden. The figures in the set have quite pleasing flesh detail, with shorts being the only clothing present. Their appearance when assembled should look natural, with the fact that they are semi dressed indicating that filler in the arm joints will be needed. 

Finally the puppy included in the set, is naturally posed for the way that the child is holding it, and other than my thinking that the dog will not be best pleased by how it is being held, all looks good. Again, a pleasing twine is included with this release and while stiff, wetting, resetting and drying should get the form that you desire.



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