Gecko Models has released an item I think will be of interest to the modellers keen on modern vehicles and settings in the form of a 5 tonne Pallet Truck and Wooden Pallet with 200L Oil Drums/Plastic Barrel.


Something for the modern modeller to use in diorama settings has come from Gecko Models in the form of a pallet truck which some may know as a pump truck. The pallet truck itself matches my memories of using one of these in a warehouse through the 1980 -1990s. The only difference I observed are the wheels under the forks as we used to have a single wheel and this version has a double. Depending on how you put everything together, you could show it raised or lowered, but if used with the pallet that’s included, do not secure the front wheels to the truck until it is inserted into the pallet. For those finishing the model, I do remember of old, that the forks on the top ended up as shiney metal with darker marks very quickly, and the face plate on which the forks are attached was also damaged as regards to paintwork relatively quickly. The wooden pallet provided in the set has reasonable detail as regards wood grain, if depicting it as a British pallet it will most likely be painted blue with GKN in white on the pallet blocks. The barrels and oil drums included with this released have a pleasing level of detail, with the oil drums also being provided with a hand pump for extraction of the contents, with a nozzle and handle as a separate part just requiring a suitable cable to be placed between them. The only thing I would have liked to have seen provided with this release are some decals for the barrels and oil drums.



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