Here we take a look at another of the G506 releases from MiniArt in 1/35th scale and listed as 1.5 Tonne 4x4 G506 Cargo Truck.


This offering from MiniArt of another 1/35th scale G506 truck which shows that MiniArt is committed to getting the most out of their moulds while still offering the modeller slightly different releases. This offering arrives in a cardboard tray, with a separate card lid. The contents are packed in a single plastic bag, that also contains a plastic bag containing the clear parts and decals which is something that I do not approve of due to the risk of damage. On the plus side the photo etch is packaged in a card envelope and of course the traditional instruction booklet. The moulds continue to hold up well, but a number of the elements have an excessive number of gates, that will need to be cleaned up. Due to this release containing the same chassis and cab, I am going to cover it in the highs and lows.


You are provided with an exceptionally well detailed multi part chassis, this high level of detail also extends to the axles. The engine and gearbox are also very well presented in this release, with the modeller only having to add some wire detail for a superb representation of the oily areas. The 4 wheel drive transmission is also well represented, and the fire wall between the cab and the engine bay also has a very nice level of detail should you wish to display the model with the hood up. The last nice touch in this area is that the tyres are injection moulded, which seems to meet with approval from the highest number of modellers. 

Depending on how you view your models and your comfort with using photo etch, front grill protection is very well detailed with a number of formers provided to shape the photo etch accurately, and the only person who could complain are those that are not comfortable with using photo etch. Another nice touch for those who want to show the hood of the model up is the arm that holds the hood open is provided. The bed of the truck has the option of having seats up or down with all aspects of the bed provided in plastic being very well done, and at this point I will switch to the possible negatives…


These negatives are from a personal observation and others that I believe could be made. The chassis being multi part could easily be assembled twisted. The amount of photo etch provided with this release, even though the difficult shapes are provided with formers will test modellers who are not comfortable with photo etch. This is particularly true for the front grille as a large number of photo etched parts, most of which are very fine will make you struggle. What I have noted but could not find in the instruction booklet is that an injection moulded plastic offering is in the box and so negates this issue. The very high level of detail replicated in the model does mean that items such as U-bolts that hold on the axles have been faithfully replicated and could prove to be difficult to apply and easily broken during removal. The cargo bed for those that are not comfortable with photo etch is likely to have them screaming, as all catch detail is replicated in multi photo etched parts including chain for the rear gate. 

Finishing Options

The finishing options for this release are all post World War 2 and shows vehicles that have been put to use around Europe. 

Czechoslovakia, Late 1940s

Poland, Late 1940s

Kyiv Region, Ukraine, Late 1940s

Latvia, Late 1940s

Germany, Soviet Occupation Zone, Late 1940s


This release from MiniArt of the G506 truck in 1/35th scale is one of those models that provides those with the ability and exceptionally well detailed model in every respect. With the addition of some wiring detail and a key it almost looks like it is ready to start and drive away. For those modellers who are not comfortable with using photo etch, this kit will very like make you go mad. The addition of the very fine photo etched parts that are the same editions that will make this model a stunner are also the parts that will likely make you throw it to the back of the cupboard, and so the result is a stunning kit that is certainly not for everybody.



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