Vespid's 1/72 scale A-34 Comet Mk.1A British Cruiser Tank

This model was supplied to Armorama as a sample and was the subject of a review on the old Armorama site in August 2020.  There is also a build log for it on the new forums.  It's a top kit, with sharp moulding, good detail, metal gun barrel, and perhaps the best 1/72 scale injection moulded tracks I've seen. 

There's a few errors or omissions: lack of the canvas gun mantlet cover; mine was made from Magic Sculp.  Only a pair of cable ends are provided, with no cable; I added two cables, one from Eureka XXL, the other made from wire, with the ends hidden under stowage items.  The hatches open but the two in the turret have no interior detail, so this was added from scraps.   Decals are OK, noting that for 'Cobra' I don't think the turret numbers should be used.

The crew are from AB Figures, and the the various boxes and cans, and the metal racks, are all from Dan Taylor Modelworks.  The bed rolls and tarpaulins were also made from Magic Sculp.  The base coat is AK Real Color SCC15 Olive Drab.  I tried a couple of new Ammo products for the first time: Oilbrushers, for the weathering, which while they are in reality just thinned oil paint, I found very convenient and easy to use.  The worn track treads were highlighted using Light Grey Ammo Drybrush paint, again, very quick and simple to use. 



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