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Occupation: Welding, Tech, Manage and ...
Interests: All in scale. Natural scenes.
Username: Kanguroo


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1st Gen Award:
500+ Campaign Award: The award is granted to everyone registered to the campaign that successfully finishes it (build is completed in time and an image is uploaded to the campaign gallery).
8x8 Award Ribbon:
8x8 MkII Award:
Academy Award:
AFV Club Campaign Ribbon:
Air Recce Campaign: For completion of a model in the Air Recce campaign in accordance with the guidlines
Campaign-Flak You Two: Awards for completion of a Flak You Two campaign build.
Extreme Trucks!: This award signifies this person completed the Extreme Trucks Campaign.
Fighter-Bomber Campaign: This award signifies that this individual completed the Fighter-Bomber Campaign
Harrier Campaign Award:
Helicopter Crossover: This award signifies this person completed the Helicopter Crossover campaign.
IDF award:
Japanese Military:
Jeeps Campaign:
Lockheed campaign ribbon: for completion of the Lockheed Air and Space campaign
National Pride Campaign Award: This award signifies this person completed the National Pride Campaign
Railguns and Howitzers: Rail Guns and Howitzers Campaign
Ribbon : Ribbon given to all of those that finish their builds.
Russian Heavy Tanks Award:
Soviet Phoenix Campaign Ribbon: This ribbon signifies that the modeler has successfully completed the 2016-17 Soviet Phoenix campaign
The Green Machine: Given to those who complete The Green Machine Campaign
The Sign of the Four Campaign ribbon:
TRUMPETER: This award signifies this person completed the TRUMPETER Campaign
Trumpeter 2 Award:
UN Campaign Award: To get this one you must complete the UN Campaign
Unfinished Business: Get this award by completing the Unfinished Business Campaign .
Unfinished Business 2015:
Vietnam II ribbon:
What The Flak? Campaign Ribbon:
Workhorses Campaign: