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  Illinois, United States

Occupation: Factory Worker
Interests: Anything WWII - Korean War - WWI
Username: Wad_ware


About Wad_ware
....Hello.... My name is Wayne....... and I am a modeling addict :-) I have been modeling fairly seriously since around 2002 and having a blast. I used to throw glue and paints at models when I was a kid and sometimes the kit came out looking something like it was supposed to. But even then it was so much fun. Now after about a 30 year break, I really enjoy taking my time and putting effort into my projects to try get them looking real nice for my home displays. I like all aircraft buy my favorites are the WWII birds. There is something about that era that fascinates me. I love reading, watching movies, documentaries, collecting anything at all to do with WWII. I do get pretty excited about WWI and the Korean war too tho.

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1.Messerschmitt Bf 109 EAIRCRAFT: PROPS ENGLISH

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