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US Army deuce and a half

All of the gear in the rear came from molds of stuff I have made in the past. The fuel drums are from the Tamiya accessory kit. These were painted in differing colors to offset the monochromatic “OD green” theme that was going on. The hand crank fuel pump came from the spares box. I rummaged thru the box some more for all of the jerry cans.
The lumber came from Michaels Craft Store. I just whittled on it here and there, and gave it light wash to bring out the grain some. The chains are from the R/R section of the LHS nearby. No glue for these guys. I can reposition them as I feel I need to for a better effect later.
The tarps were the fun part of this build. I had read some articles on using two part epoxy putty for making things like this and I wanted to give it try. I used Apoxy Brand putty, but you can use other brands as well. All I can say is that it is too easy.
Basically, mix equal parts of A & B to a uniform color. Apply some baby powder to a glass surface and to a rolling pin. I use a small one that I got at Michaels. The powder keeps the putty from sticking to both surfaces. Start rolling. If rolled long enough, the putty can become almost transparent.
Once you have it to the desired thickness, let it set for about 45 minutes or so, to gain some body. Once it has stiffened up a bit, use a sharp #11 blade and cut out your piece. Roll it, smash it, form it where you want it, and let it dry there. Paint and weather as needed. That’s it. It’s really simple. I added straps from paper to my tarps on the sides and folded the others over on the fuel drums. They were painted in the same manner as the rest of the model.
The only other items I added to the build were MV lenses for the head lights and a brass .50 cal up top in the gun ring. I believe the .50 is made by Brass Castings, but I may be wrong about this as I have had it for a long, long time with no packaging for it.
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