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US Army deuce and a half

Decals and washes
Once my gloss coat had dried about 24 hours, I laid in the kit decals using Solvaset to snuggle them down over the finish. Nothing fancy here, just a couple of stars, and some bumper numbers is all that were added. I took the liberty of making my bumper number begin with a “Q” since that it the first letter in my last name. After my decals had dried, I applied my washes using Raw Umber oil paint. I prefer to apply what I call a pin wash. Instead of using a wide brush and applying the wash to the entire model, I use a very pointed brush and only apply it to the areas I want it. Bolt heads, panel lines, bed rails etc. I think this gives a better appearance than covering the whole model. For my washes I use Grumbacher oils. The set I use, I bought some 15 years ago. Oils, though expensive, are well worth the investment.
Now that the truck is painted, washed and decaled, its time to age it a little. Pulling the Model Master OD green off the rack again, I added a small amount of flat white to lighten it some. I then thinned this down more than normal and turned down my pressure on the air-tank. I sprayed this lightened color along the upper surfaces of the hood, and fenders for a sun faded effect.
I then gave the entire model a light overspray of this to tie everything together. Once the lightened paint was done I gave the whole shootin’ match a good coat of dull-coat for a nice flat finish. The remaining weathering was done using more oils for rust and grease stains. Touch a small amount of paint where you want it, and then using a clean dry brush, drag it down (Gravity) This makes a nice looking rust or grease streak. The flat surface gives the paint something to grip.
I have tried doing this on a gloss coat, but the paint just smears. I added small paint chips around the entire vehicle using a very fine brush and some silver paint. (The Testors Small squarish bottle) Nothing to severe, just a few subtle patches.
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